Challenging the City...

I received a copy of my new city property tax assesment recently...a 25% increase, going forward. When I bought my house 12 years ago - for $1 - it carried a 30K assesment. Every year for the next 6 I challenged the assesment and helped numerous neighbors challenge there's, too. Gradually, I whittled the assesment to 18K, which I still think is high based on the number of City owned vacant properties and the numbers that I keep track of regarding recent sales here in Cold Springs.

In any case, I just downloaded the forms that I'll complete later tonite and mail off to City Hall tomorrow to challenge the whopping 25% increase. Here's the link on the City's site - right here - to download the four page form.

Forms must be post-marked by December 31st in order to challenge the City's new assesment. I'll make sure to do a follow-up post in the first quarter with the City's results.
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Joshua D. Hall said...

Good luck David

Anonymous said...

if the city reallt believed in their assesments, they should offer to buy them at %90 of the assesment value. THey would then make 10% selling them at the worth they claim them to have.

It would make a nice checks and balance system and if the city was honest in the assemssments, even a money maker.

Anonymous said...

I love how democrates in this area like David think NYS high taxes are not a burden only when its them that has to pay them.

fix buffalo said...


That's interesting. High taxes are a burden in NYS all the way around, not just when I have to pay them.

Anonymous said...

Are you for people who earn more should pay more? The reason why Buffalo is so poor is because Democrats use others money to subsidise irresponsible social programs that don't work. When they are affected, they are then hypocritical!