Renovating the Packard

Renovations began months ago at the corner of Main and Riley. The former Packard automobile showroom here in Midtown is the latest building to be converted to apartments. The first, two blocks away, was Artspace that I've been following for years.
Yesterday I noticed that the new 'pocket park' located behind thePackard at the end of Ellicott Street is beginning to take shape with the installation of some playground equiptment and a new cyclone fence. The location of this new 'pocket park' is clearly shown on the HHL plan - right here.
Across the street on the St. Vincent's block there appears to be a new parking lot that's been fenced and 'greened' for the project.
Here's the project description from the Hamilton Houston Lownie site, the project's architects. 40 apartments will fill this space and according to the signs, pre-renting is happening right now.
IMG_1596 IMG_1595
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Consider meeting up with a few other fixBuffalo readers next Saturday for the season's last Neighborhood Walk, we'll be checking out the latest developments here on Riley Street. Here's the schedule and flickr series from a few recent walks.
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Anonymous said...

fun & games..

caesandra said...

Intriguing, I just phoned--they're going to mail me a floorplan brochure and application. Rent is based on income.

walidah said...

I have been watching this project for a while because I grew up on Laurel & Main. I have also submitted my application, when do they anticipate the apartments to be ready? March? April? May?

Anonymous said...

good idea in city bleeding population for government to create new apartments in a building like packard?

won't cause vacant housing units in city... which then government will also have to deal with?

doing same thing over and over, and expecting different results?

fix buffalo said...


Keep me posted. Thanks!


Let me know what you find out. I'll be doing a few follow-up posts. Stay tuned.

Anon 1:14

What's the alternative for this location?

Charger said...

On one level Anonymous 1:14 has a valid point, but there is actually a strong market for apartments like this, which suggests that it is something people want.

It also makes excellent sense to invest public money in developments that create density in the Metro Rail corridor (a novel idea to be sure in a City that has been more inclined to permit low-density development in this area).

This location also builds on the existing strength of the neighborhoods west of Main and will help to stabilize the east side of Main this emerging Mid-Town area.

Not everyone is in a position to own their own home (or wants to) and there should be options for those people.

The free-market is virtually non-existent in Buffalo, but this seems like a reasonable use of public funds.

Anonymous said...

"Anon 1:14 What's the alternative for this location?" --- that same question can be turned around 180 degrees

suppose 40 new apts created at this formerly commerical bldg end up causing 20 long term vacant houses in buffalo, 10 on e side, 10 on w side

"Anon 1:14 What's the alternative for this location?" --- well, what's a better alternative use for locations of those 20 houses if not residential?

i'm not saying packard developer shouldn't be allowed to create new apts (it's a free country, more or less) but for government to go out of its way to fund this so it happens is short sighted

yes good for this block of main, but how is spending government $$$ to shuffle living space, then same government has to deal with 40 extra vacant units on e & w sides, an improvement over packard being empty?

charger implies people living in new apts directly on main st benefits the greater good more than if they live in existing apts in buffalo hoods not on main st... i'm trying to follow that but can't connect dots...

Anonymous said...

this could be a good location for college students from canisius/ub/bflo state