Tale of Two Cities - Part VI

Frequent fixBuffalo readers have been following my mini series - Tale of Two Cities - June 4, 2005July 27, 2005February 2, 2006February 13, 2006October 11, 2006 - where I've been keeping track of developments at 198 Glenwood and 60 Brantford and comparing how burn-outs are handled in the Elmwood Village and the City's East side.

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Took these two photos on Saturday afternoon. Remember the fire at 198 Glenwood occurred more than five years ago and the property is owned by the City of Buffalo. Elmwood denizens will recall that 60 Brantford partially burned on Friday May 13, 2005 and was promptly demolished and is being developed by Johnson & Sons. Here's the - map - showing the proximity of both properties to Buffalo Public schools.
And so it goes...
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Anonymous said...

is there anything good happening on glenwood? do the blocks of glenwood suffer from demolitions and fires?

Anonymous said...

Well, duh! EV is where the money is at :/

fixBuffalo said...


So we do live in two cities.

I mean is code compliance and enforcement dependent on tax revenue collected in various neighborhoods?

Anonymous said...

It's all pretty arbitrary.

As far as enforcement is concerned, I'm thinking "The squeaky wheel gets the grease" scenario is applicable here.