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The Creativity Exchange is a daily read. Yesterday, Richard Florida included a post about Jane Jacob's Legacy.
David Ellerman writes: "It seems to me that Jane Jacobs' thought is a goldmine for new perspectives on economic development. It takes some 'setup' time to get used to her terminology but it is eventually more than worth the effort. She was 'cursed' with a wildly popular first book that typecasted her as an 'urban thinker.' But she considered (personal communication) her most important work to be the work on economic development read the rest
I've placed a link to Richard Florida's blog in my post template and expect to feature some of his posts and work couple times a week. We work hard...we should also work smart.
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Anonymous said...

i am surprised that there is not more interest in the midtown area of buffalo on the part of elmwood renters. to me, it makes good economic sense to buy cheap, especially good if one can buy several properties that are quite close to each other. a few bright investors/occupants can give birth to a preservation economy of sorts.
i've seen this happen in other communities. at these rock-bottom prices, certain problem properties could be dealt with, such as crack houses, grandfathered multi-units and the like. as neighborhoods gentrify and prosper, many of the problem properties become too costly for the average investor to effect any sort of major change.

fixBuffalo said...


Agree. I'll continue to sing this song...

Anonymous said...

Good post on Creative thinking.

karim - Positive thinking