Mayor's Anti Flipping Task Force

Just learned about this website. I know, thought my ear was pretty low to the ground. Imagine many fixBuffalo readers have already cruised this material.
The Mayor's Anti-Flipping Task Force (AFTF) combats the negative real estate practices of unethical and fraudulent property flipping that contribute to neighborhood destabilization and community disinvestment.
I've archived the full text of the AFTF's first annual report - right here.

Just read through the full report. Here's a previous post, AFTF first press conference, May 6 2005. Here, Michele is speaking and standing next to Sam Hoyt and Cyrstal Peoples.
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Anonymous said...

now if the city would just release its death-grip on the city-owned houses...

fixBuffalo said...


Yup...that's the other part of the story. Can't forget the 1500 properties the City flipped to MBBA, too...Yikes!

Anonymous said...

i just found the mbba/jer website.
there is quite a list which i will try to read this weekend.

Anonymous said...

My block club has been in constant contact with the Anti flipping task force for many months. Since Holly Lindstrom spoke at one of our meetings, I make it a regular practice to e-mail the real estate transactions for our area right to the AFTF. They know who the flippers are and can act if they see their names.

fixBuffalo said...


Thanks. Real property transactions are a matter of public record in most cases - except stock purchase deals which are way more difficult to track.

I would think that AFTF people are monitoring all transactions including the ones you may be calling to their attention. Don't know.

Do you know of any prosecutions stemming from the investigative work of the AFTF? Would like to know.

Anonymous said...

There are several of us who monitor R.E. transactions...How fast they forget www.buffaloflipping.com
read the front page :)