City of Good Neighbors?

Earlier this week I posted about the Hamilton Ward House and asked readers to call Belmont Shelter and ask them, as the owners of Ward House to re-secure the property. Well, two days later, I returned and saw that it was secure. Thank you Liz!
Picture 361
While the Ward House is once again secure, a number of neighbors pointed out that Belmont Shelter has not once shoveled the side walks in front of four parcels they own on Coe Place. Pictured below are the vacant lots at 17, 23 and 29 Coe Place.
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Coe Place is narrow and extremely difficult for pedestrians to negotiate safely when the sidewalks are not cleared of snow. A quick check of the street revealed that the only place where snow was still an issue was in front of Belmont's vacant lots. Maybe they'll get to Coe Place when they start shoveling the snow over at Artspace as property manager. Meanwhile Coe Place residents are wondering if the City's premier low-income housing agency will shovel the sidewalks this winter...
I'll check in again, soon...
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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

is there any reason that belmont house is not able to apply its philosophy to one of its own distressed properties? renovation
is always much cheaper than new construction. why would the belmont house staff wish to look at a boarded building each day,
a building which the belmont house owns and for which it has responsibility? it's high time for some proper stewardship from those folks.