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Started liking the analysis of Joel Kotkin when I first read Rise of the Ephemeral City. Today's Wall Street Journal carried Kotkin's latest - The Myth of 'Super Star Citites'

In both essays Kotkin drives a wedge between what we think is happening and what's really happening on the street and in the neighborhoods. I see what Kotkin sees on a regular basis. Walking Ferry Street or Utica from Elmwood across Main Street sharpens the senses and provides a glimpse into Kotkin's analysis. Leaving the more prosperous West side and walking East always leaves me with a sense that we're forgetting half the City.

That said, I'm hopeful and looking forward to meeting up with Artspace folks on Thursday to begin the discussion of possible linkages between Artspace and Performing Arts HS, a few blocks away. As a board member of the recently formed Friends of the Arts Academy and neighbor, I really want this to happen, bad.

Exactly two years ago I wrote...
The transformative quality of the decision to locate BAVPA [Performing Arts HS] here in this little corner of Masten should not be underestimated. It is the long awaited bridge between the two Buffalos. This nascent arts and educational community is the connection between Buffalo's East side and the already well developed arts, educational and retail neighborhoods of the West side. The Ferry Street corridor is the link. Intelligent urban planning is the reason. read the rest
Richard Florida over at the Creativity Exchange has his spin on Kotkin's latest, right here - Same Old, Same Old.
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Anonymous said...

Can't read the Kotkin article without a password.

fixBuffalo said...

Here's the new Kotkin article off his website.

Anonymous said...

Although rife with a lot of generalizations, I think Kotkin (as much as I disagree with him at times) is pretty much on the mark with this piece.

BUT, I don't really see how this article can be applied to Buffalo very well. His piece was directed toward the highest-cost cities in the nation.

Buffalo is a declining city with rock-bottom real estate. I don't really see how his concerns could be used on Buffalo.