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Been interested in the relationship between the on-line world of blogs and wikis and the world beyond since I started blogging. To what extent can the opinions and views expressed and shared on-line help in changing and shaping the world beyond our lap-tops and desks?

Questions like this beg larger issues. For example, what is a community? Can individuals leverage the technology at our finger-tips and effect meaningful social change? Can we organize in such a way to make a change in the world we inhabit?
Just read through the links here - Understanding the Creative Community. It showed up yesterday over at Richard Florida's blog - The Creativity Exchange which has become a daily read and link in my posting template. Mark Kuznicki writes...

I dream of a future that harnesses the power of self-organizing open creative communities to global innovation networks in order to solve the most difficult problems of our time - from technology and business problems to problems of collective action like climate change, social equity and cultural sustainability, migration and international conflict. I dream of a future where every individual has the power and ability to discover his or her creative passions, and to resolve their multi-dimensional identities into a coherent whole through their interaction in open community with others...read the rest...

Encourage anyone interested in the intersection of this technology and social change to read Mark's short essay and uncover some of the creative thinking happening around the web. Check out what just happened in Toronto...way cool! Some planned activities 100 miles away - right here!
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