Friday at Artspace...

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Felt like a kid the other day watching this hvac unit being lifted to the roof.

Understand that construction is on schedule here at Artspace. Make sure to check out Artspace Buffalo for current information regarding the rental application process.
Tours every Saturday of the Artspace Backyard neighborhood. We leave the Sonic Cafe at 11am! Info here.
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Anonymous said...

These people can't be serious. The site you linked to is confusing and laughable.

I signed up for email updates 3 months ago and have heard nothing from them.

Other artist friends are feeling the same way, like they don't care about the scene here in Buffalo and how we are making living arrangement decisions for next year right now.

Dear Artspace,

Communication with you sucks!

fixBuffalo said...


I understand the frustration...as I receive email from Buffalo based artists on a regular basis about these issues. I've been following this development here on the City's near East side for since December '04 and just recently started hearing from the folks in Minneapolis.

Seems like all we can do at this point is be patient. I know that's not what you wanted to hear. Sorry...

Anonymous said...

My housemates all signed up with email and TOTALLY has it right.