Leaving Children Behind in Buffalo, NY

Last week while reading Richard Florida's blog - The Creativity Exchange - I noticed this post, Best and Worst Regions for Children based on a recent Harvard School of Public Health study. I linked to it here - Children Left Behind and provided links to the full set of data used in compiling the report.

The lead front page story in yesterday's Buffalo News - Long Odds for Urban Children - focuses on the Harvard study's findings.

Kudos to Deidre, even if the local blogosphere first picked up the story here in Buffalo, NY. Quick LexisNexis check reveals that The Washington Post is the only other newspaper that ran the story - here, on January 30th. They included links to the data set at diversitydata. Commenters in that story site a different set of factors than Deidre sites in her story that place black and hispanic children at the bottom of the pile here in Buffalo when compared to children in 100 other metro areas.

According to the reporter Deidre Williams,
The administration of Mayor Byron W. Brown did not respond to requests to comment on the study's findings.
Byron still hasn't returned my email either.
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Black Rock Advocate said...

Welcome to the Mayors OPEN door policy.

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