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Last spring I interned at George Mason University and wrote a number of reviews and longer papers for GMU's History News Network. While bopping back and forth gotta say I never had the opportunity to sit in on any of Richard Florida's lectures at GMU's School for Public Policy. My loss.

Richard Florida's blog The Creativity Exchange has become a daily read. Book mark it now or subscribe to the feeds.

Earlier this week, in - People Drive Economic Growth - Florida presents Nobel Prize winning Economist Robert Lucas's discussion of economic growth and the role people, who just happen to be productive and creative, play in creating growth and wealth. Here Lucas weaves the pioneering work of Jane Jacobs (1916 - 2006) into the equation. Really cool. Lucas closes with a discussion of the impact and influence of the late Milton Friedman (1912 -2006) on his work. Way cool...

Just finished listening to the 45 minute podcast from University of Chicago Nobel Prize winning economist Robert Lucas. Click into the post and you'll find links to Jacob's work, too. Excellent Jacobs links here, from an October 2005 post and comments.
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Anonymous said...

Milton Friedman is one of the most depressing, dangerous "economists" of the 20th Century. Right-wing as far as one can go, his thinking has led to the speed-up of viewing property and all goods and services as merely commodities and to the lust for profit at any cost. He is a deceptive character who has had many "cults" around him over the years, but he is in the Ronald Reagan - Bush line of politics truly. (I know he just died.)