Could Jane Jacobs Give Us a Hand...
Thinking about all the demolitions here in Masten recently has got me thinking once more of Jane Jacob's work. I last wrote about Jane Jacobs a few months ago, over here. I first stumbled across her work and posted, Required Reading, in January.
Jane Jacobs
In Writing the City, I've linked to a few interviews that Hank Bromley and Tim Tielman assembled a few years ago. They are well worth revisiting as we continue to stumble "managing the decline" here on this side of Main Street.

HB: I thought I’d start by asking how you started writing about cities and what makes them work.

JJ: Well, I really explain all that in the Introduction to The Death and Life of Great American Cities. In brief, I was working for an architectural magazine, and I became dismayed at how unrealistic the plans that I was writing about were. I saw that they didn’t really make very magnetic or attractive city areas; people seemed to shun them instead of enjoying them. And then I was fortunate in having a good mentor who had been thinking about the same things, the head worker of a settlement in East Harlem. And he got me thinking along the lines of how city streets work.

HB: In ways that professional planners hadn’t really been considering?

JJ: No, they didn’t like the street....

Continue reading the interview with Jane Jacobs, over here.

10/18/05 11pm
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Ken said...

Jane Jacobs is a genius. If you would like to see some essays written by folks who are admirers of hers, please follow this link: http://www.bc.edu/schools/law/lawreviews/meta-elements/journals/bcealr/28_4/28_4_toc.htm

Probably the biggest structural reason why Jane's ideas are not implemented is our zoning law's obsession with segrating land uses by geographical area. You'll see all kinds of interesting ideas in these essays.

I am originally from Grand Island and am planning a move back to Buffalo in the next couple years. I read your blog at least once a week and am amazed at the content. Keep up the good work.

Ken Forton

fix buffalo said...


Thanks for the link about JJ and the kind words.