From the Oracle at Delphi?
Alan, over at BuffaloPundit, picked up on a few questions I put out there yesterday about the $15,000,000 taxpayer sponsored subsidy of Artspace over here on this side of Main Street. Interesting set of comments from his readers.

Regarding government sponsored gentrification programs we've got a great example here in Buffalo. Heading down Michigan Avenue make a left on William Street. Here you will see a classic example of government sponsored gentrification and "blight busting." Here you've got dozens of subsidized 'in-fill' houses built along streets that used to be a thriving commercial district. It's highly unlikely that commercial development will ever return to this neighborhood, in part because the high traffic streets are now full of houses. Imagine, for a moment Elmwood Avenue lined with houses...and the commercial development on the side streets.

I mean, couldn't the houses on William have been built on the side streets, instead?

The design work from Hamilton, Houston & Lownie is fantastic, for Artspace and this isn't my point. I'm a huge fan of adaptive re-use. My point is simply, why should we, the taxpayers, pay for it?

At this point I'm wondering if Artspace has used this "no-money-down" approach in other cities, too.

When Alan says...
While I think this Artspace will be a nice addition to the area...
I'm beginning to wonder if alternative uses of the $15,000,000 Artspace "gift" couldn't have helped better stabilize the neighborhood in the form of a revolving loan fund for rehab and mortgage financing.

And then there's the entire issue of presenting the un-veiling of this project during an election cycle as if Hillary and Byron are giving us a gift they bought with our credit card. Maybe Christmas will come early this year in Niagara County and somebody will buy a bail-out, again using the same credit card...what will the Oracle at Delphi reveal?

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