Gossip and a 'little love' - you decide...

This morning, between classes, I checked in with my Activemeter.com account and noticed a hit that looked interesting. I found this. I get wierd ass e-mails all the time, questioning my sincerity and wondering if I really live in the 'hood. But this one got to me. Because it just doesn't add up. It appeared on a blog that I first learned about today, Soul of Buffalo.

While I do know that there may be serious differences of opinion regarding how Buffalo should dig it's way out of the hole and return to a more productive place to live and work, I've never taken this blogging thing and the issues that I've raised as a "Joke." I've always thought about the east-side and the west-side as being part of the same boat. We are all pitching in to bail the water that is swamping us. Maybe not. Seems like the "soul of Buffalo" is torn, in spots.

Some of my best teachers always reminded me that "people with great minds, talk about ideas and find ways to solve problems." "People with small minds talk about people, and gossip."

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