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The Citizens Regional Transit Organization has a mission statement:
Citizens Regional Transit Corporation seeks to educate the public, public officials, their authorities and agencies in the Buffalo-Niagara region about the benefits of a comprehensive transportation system including an expanded Metro Rail.
They maintain a monthly newsletter and their next meeting is:
Our next monthly meeting is on Tuesday, October 18 at 7:30 PM. We meet monthly at University Presbyterian Church, 3330 Main Street, Buffalo NY 14214
Keep thier work and mission in mind as you think about the right location for the new 14209 Post Office here on Main Street. I mean why not locate the new building next to the Metro or better yet replace one of Buffalo's best examples of 'brutalism' - Utica or Summer Station - with an integrated retail, post-office subway stop building.
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Anonymous said...

Brutalism is a specific style of architecture that was popular in the 50s-70s. The Charles River in Boston is lousy with brutalist structures.

The most horrific piece of trash in downtown Buffalo is our brutalist City Court building.