Michele Johnson...Mayor's Housing Task Force

Michele Johnson addressed a gathering of the Mayor's Housing Task Force at 41 Loepere Street on Friday morning. Michele has done some very important ground breaking work addressing the problems impacting residential neighborhoods on the city's east-side. This press conference marks the launch of this latest task force.

I was the first to show up and was wondering why the house was still wide open. I talked with some of the neighbors "staying" across the street. When I told them what was going to happen and that this house, 41 Loepere currently owned by Victoria Goodwin, had been "flipped" on Ebay a few times in the past two years and went from $10 - $20,000, one guy responded, "@^#%ing, eh..I made a few g's from that house just last week." Later after everyone left, I returned and saw that the house was properly secured and the grass was mowed. Some of the vacant houses across the street - one in particular where the long time owner was forced to abandon - was still wide open. I'd met her years ago. She raised rotweilers for police departments all over the country.
Michele Johnson - Mayor's Housing Task Force
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Michele is also the Fillmore District Liaison to Judge Nowak's Housing Court. She often works side by side with Tracy Krug, City Building Inspector, fighting the good fight and keeping the city's neighborhoods safe. Tracy has been very responsive in helping us address some of the abandonded and vacant property over in the Masten District, too.
Michele & Tracy Krug - City Building Inspector
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I speak with Michele a couple times every week and often provide photos to support some of her investigative work. The Mayor's task force was formed largely because of Michele's work. Knowing what I about Michele, if this task force turns into a talk-fest, Michele will be the first to resign. I'll stay close to this story and provide additional information, details and policy changes as they develop. Michele writes and publishes some of her work, over here at WNYmedia.net...check it out!
  • Pics of the rest of the press conference at 41 Loepere - Sam Hoyt, Bill Stachowski, David Franczyk, check it out!
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