I receive emails everyday from fixBuffalo readers. I enjoy reading the individual narratives explaining various aspects of neighborhood life on the City's East side from back in the day when every corner was alive, sidewalks were filled with people going to school and work. Many emails reflect the sense of loss and what I'm writing about in terms of the pervasive hollowing out of entire neighborhoods. Urban planners, design students, teachers and investors are reading what has started out as neighborhood blog - highlighting the City ownership of a local-landmark, the Woodlawn Row Houses - and offering suggestions and critique.


Many readers have sent amazing pictures of what Buffalo used to look like. I really enjoy and have started to share them in this set.  So - scan, send and share if you'd like.

You should know this blog is not a democracy. If I decide that a comment is offensive or in bad taste - not mild, but severe - I'll remove it. I don't like doing this but I have and I will. The rule is - pretend there are other people in the room who are listening to what you have to say.

Thanks for looking around, reading what's here and contributing to the conversation in Buffalo, NY.


David Torke

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