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This afternoon I had a conversation with a frequent reader of my blog. He informed me that when he clicks on pictures to enlarge them he often sees little blue links advertising services that he would prefer not see. I agree.

In January I started using the free image hosting services provided by Image Venue. The ads surrounding the pics were innocuous little ads relating to "how to blog," "credit reporting" and other services. Now, after a review it seems like Image Venue is cycling ads that some people might consider offensive. I agree.

So, I am actively looking for another image hosting service that doesn't display this type of ad. In the meantime, the only way you access the products or services that are offered in relation to those "offensive" ads is to click them. Until I switch to a new image hosting service and begin converting the old pics, my suggestion for now, if you are offended by those ads, just don't click them. Thanks for your patience.
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Craig said...

One of the ads featured above a picture of the new Meriwether Library read "Are you getting laid tonight?"

Now I wasn't offended, but I was saddened. Because -- No, I'm probably not.

Please change your photo service soon, I don't know if I can stand the constant reminders of my dreary personal life.