Demo Progress on Goodrich Continues

I went to the top of one my favorite parking ramps yesterday (corner of Goodrich and Ellicott) and grabbed this shot looking east towards Michigan Avenue.
The demolition is still taking place here along Goodrich Street in preparation for the Kaleida/UB project I posted about a few weeks ago - Medical Campus Meets Midtown.

Investment in the immediate neighborhood is accelerating. In the pic, City Honors is center left, where a $40m renovation is underway. The new brick and two tone vinyl building nearby fronts on Michigan Avenue. I first posted pics about it three years ago, here.

I'll be adding additional pics to my Kaleida/UB flickr series as this project develops.

See the following posts for additional background information - Kaleida Expands, Again and the Hamlin House Demoltion also on Goodrich Street, from October 2006.

See - Kaleida Archive for additional information.
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Anonymous said...

Is the big white house at img_1411 coming down? A shame if it is.

fix buffalo said...

Yes, that house at the corner of Maple and North is slated for demolition. Progress.

Ryan said...

And the red brick one too? I mean, take the High Spot but leave some homes with character intact.