The Farm Report

I noticed this short YouTube clip featuring Buffalo's Mayor Byron Brown this evening. Here he's addressing the City's current position reagarding the Wilson Street Urban Farm.

In the current issue of Artvoice - No Pioneers is a great read.
Drive down Fillmore Street between Sycamore and Broadway and you’ll see boarded-up buildings, dilapidated homes, and ubiquitous empty lots. By anyone’s estimation, it’s a rough neighborhood. But walk into 812 Fillmore, and you’ll find dozens of shoes neatly paired in the entranceway, and a warm, welcoming living room filled with children doing their homework, cooking and playing. This is the home of Mark and Janice Stevens, a couple who moved from a farm in Wyoming County to the East Side of Buffalo last year.
While checking out Dyngus Day events around the Broadway Market and Central Terminal this Monday, take a moment and drive down nearby Wilson Street.

Here's the Wilson Street Urban Farm Facebook Group.
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s urbaniak said...

Maybe this dumb ass should ask the food pantries about farms? I bet they would love to be able to give people fresh vegetables and fruits not to mention they have been strained enogh in this tough time.

clockhill said...

"You know, people in the neighborhoods aren't asking for FARMS . . ." - Byron Brown

I thought that's EXACTLY what we're asking for with all this?

Anonymous said...

clockhill- I believe that when Byron Brown speaks of "people" not asking for farms- the "people" he means are the politically well-connected welfare-housing land developers.

Kelly said...

Tell Mayor Brown and the Common Council what you think. Send your thoughts right to their e-mail inbox:

Anonymous said...

What makes you so much smarter than Mayor Brown? Surbaniak? Why don't you sell your home in the burbs and move into the city. You are a bunch of wossie who don't even come into the east side! You all talk a good game with no plans to back up what you write about! Stop hiding behine sheets and come and move your punk selves into the Polonia! Take up the cause! Actions speaks louder than words!!