Woodlawn Row Houses - April 2009 Update

Five years ago I started keeping a monthly photo record of the Woodlawn Row Houses, a unique heritage property located in Buffalo's Cold Springs neighborhood. I started blogging a few months later and have returned - except when the row has been under contract - on a monthly basis to tell the story.
Last month I reported that the investment team that was the successful bidder at the City's special auction in September '07 has formally withdrawn their proposal to redevelop the Woodlawn Row houses. So it's back to square one.
It seems clear that there's no comprehensive strategy for the successful marketing of City owned residential property. For example, the recently published City catalog - here - failed to include a number of properties, such as the Woodlawn Row Houses, that have economic potential. While I've shown these row houses to a number of people - from Buffalo to Laguna Beach - I'll continue my 'guerilla marketing' efforts using Craigslist to attract additional attention and a possible sale.
Last month in Looking for Love again, I wrote -
Over the last four years three different groups have stepped forward and have attempted this project. Everyone has tried to retain the current eight unit configuration. Perhaps a new strategy is in order here. Returning the structure to its original form - four units, removing the siding, doing a fun exterior paint job that would clearly indicate four seperate houses and moth balling three units while working on one - might provide the right direction for the 'diy' self-financed plan for the successful rehab of this unique spot. Moving slowly through the project might be the right mix of energy, resources and time to resuscitate the Woodlawn Row Houses.
If you're interested in taking a closer look at this project, let me know.
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Anonymous said...

Im really amazed that a property like this is so hard to sell..this is a true diamond in the rough..i think the problem might be getting a good estimate on fixing this property to begin making money in return..My name is Randell Green..owner of RG Home Improvement..if i can be of any service to you or anone else who might need quality work with great prices..please forward my info..i will do all from taking pics before purchase..to complete rehab ..and prop management if needed..716-573-3826 ..