City Property - For Sale

I received the City's latest realestate catalog in the mail the other day. 111 City owned residential properties are featured. Many of these properties are available to homestead and are available for $1.
Here's the link to the City's .pdf file - right here. I've also archived the file - here - in the event that it disappears from the City's website. It appears as though the catalog was first made available in late February.

If you've purchased property from the city in the past or are currently involved in such a purchase and care to share some of your experiences, please consider leaving a comment to share with other readers. Thanks.
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Anonymous said...

This is a step forward.

But where is the list publicized?

And what are the asking prices? Allegedly the city charges "market value" but that can be very elusive, too often being established by "foreign" investor-speculator-flippers.

One house listed as "sold" is 100 Nineteenth on a distressed street targeted for neighborhod rehab by H Garrett & PUSH.

It is assessed at $20K, but its last sale in 7/98 was $4K. What did it sell for?

Dick Kern

Anonymous said...

Nice Catalog but it is just about useless without listing prices. If the city wants to get serious about selling these houses they need to determine a price and advertise it. Not many people are willing or able to deal with city departments to find out or negotiate prices.