Medical Campus Meets Midtown!

Four years ago the Berger Commission was charged by Governor Pataki to rethink how hospitals and nursing homes delivered health care in New York State. The results came in and the commision's recommendations became law in 2007. The state directed Kaleida to close Millard Fillmore Gates Hospital in Buffalo's Delaware District and open a vascular institute.
Ground was broken recently. The demolition of the Community Mental Health Center's building on Ellicott Street between Goodrich and North Streets is the first visible sign of a project that's expected to four years to complete.

Canon Design is taking the lead on the first of four buildings which are expected to be completed in 2013. This will house Kaleida's Global Vascular Insititute and UB's Clinical Translational Research Center/Incubator.
According to the Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS) that was released late last year - here (.pdf file after the jump) - three additonal structures will be built in the North End of the Medical Campus. These include - a 200 bed skilled nursing facility (replacing Millard Fillmore Gates), a 10 story Ciminelli Medical Office Building and a 1600 space parking ramp which is the size of the new Blue Cross parking ramp behind City Hall.

In addition to the four new structures which are scheduled to be built by 2013, there are a number of other interesting developments taking place. Goodrich Street will be closed permanently between Ellicott and Michigan Avenue. This will allow, according to the DGEIS, an integration of emergency services between Buffalo General Hospital and the new GVI pictured above. The DGEIS also specifies a number of pedestrian bridges connecting the various new buildings, at least one of these will be 40' wide. The site for the 1600 space parking ramp hasn't been located according to last year's DGEIS. Late last year I posted about a number of demoltions that were - and still are - anticipated according to this plan.

Here's a site map indicating the proximity to additional development on this side of Main Street. City Honors (outlined in red) just to the north of the Medical Campus is undergoing substantial renvovations and will expand its athletic fields by the time it re-opens in September 2010.

Fascinating developments, just East of Main Street. I'll be covering various aspects of these projects in the months ahead.

See - Kaleida Archive for additional information.
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Eisenbart said...

The street grid gets its butt kicked by these type of projects.

Noticed the demo has happened on my way to work today.

mark said...

in buffalo the street grid is made to get kicked in the butt in the name of progress

Anonymous said...

Did you mean to say "between Goodrich and North" not "between Goodell and North"?

fixBuffalo said...

Yes. Fixed. Thanks.

eco-eco said...

The street grids in cities all over the country are sacrificed in the name of "progress". It doesn't just happen in Buffalo.

E said...

very interesting stuff. we're fighting the same sort of bad development principles here in new orleans.