Saturdays in the Neighborhood

Saturday morning Artspace Neighborhood walks continue this Spring and begin at 10am. Meet-up is across the street at the Sonic Cafe - here's the map.

There are a number of very exciting renovations and new developments happening in the neighborhood and periodically we'll be joined by a growing number of people who are moving into the neighborhood and making some unique houses - that would have been demolished and trucked off to a landfill - their home.
Here's the link to recent Saturday walks around the neighborhood and a flickr series from last Fall's walks. Consider joining me on Saturday mornings at 10am and to learn more about this emerging neighborhood. The walk lasts about an hour - rain or shine!
28 Coe Place 2006 & 2008
If you're interested in additional information check out two sections of my 'building & issues Index' - Coe Place and Artspace. This cultural assets map may help further orient you to the neighborhood.

See you on Saturday!
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karima said...

Are you still doing the Saturday morning walks? Is there a schedule available?