Today's Neighborhood Walk

This morning's A/S Neighborhood Walk brought a number of fixBuffalo readers together for the first time.
David Steele - Greg Wolff - Alan Oberst - Stephen Karnath
After taking a close look at some recent renovations on Coe Place we went over to Ada Place and had an opportunity to speak with a couple long time residents about their neighborhood. We ended up over on Harwood Place discussing the possible futures of 16 Harwood, a city owned single family residence.
IMG_4345 IMG_4348
Saturday morning A/S Neighborhood Walks begin at 10am and leave from the Sonic Cafe. Click here for additional information and here for more pics.
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Anonymous said...

what a crew!


Jackie said...

I am incredibly happy to see 16 harwood still standing. I fell in love with this house the first time I saw it. I would be right there to save it and rebuild it, if I only had the finances to do it.

Anonymous said...

So that's what the mighty Steele looks like.

Clockhill said...

Great pics. You've got me investigating 16 Harwood now. I was looking thru your archive and your links:


What's the ticket office, museum, etc located to the right of Harwood Place? Some kind of park? Also, copious Google mapping reveals that Dexter Pl on this map was later filled in; modern day Brunswick Blvd is farther south than that.

Also! If what's listed as "Verplank St" in this map:


is modern day Ada Pl, and Ada was extended BELOW the level of Dexter St when Elsie Pl was put in, then that accounts for the jog in Ada Pl!

RaChaCha said...

Clockhill, your questions about the area showing ticket office, museum, etc. should be answered if you check out the info in these locations about the International Industrial Fair and the Cicero Hamlin racetrack -- both of which were in that area before it was developed for housing (much of it Buffalo doubles) and became the Hamlin Park neighborhood -- here:

and here:

Becky said...

Totally off subject, but it irks me that the City of Buffalo sign crew spelled "Verplanck" incorrectly, yet no one has bothered fixing it.

Kal said...

How small in actuality is 16 Harwood. It is hard to tell from pictures but the interior pictures make it seem very tight. I understand it is a cottage but how small exactly.

fix buffalo said...


According to the city's website the cottage has 800' of living space. I think it's about 20' wide and 30"+ feet long. There a couple small rooms upstairs.

One of the coolest places in the City and it's located in the Hamlin Park Preservation area, not bad for $1. Great spot for the right person.

Mark said...

steven was one of my most favorite professors and his course really got me into planning more than ever before.

actually i remember having you and newell come in at the end of the semester...i also remember steven having matt from HHL show us around artspace before it was completed

and to mr. steele: next time you're in town let me know!

natalie said...

i went by 16 harwood a couple weeks ago, and am similarly smitten. it's even better in person, the tarp is coming off the roof! i mentioned it to someone in the division of real estate when i called looking for information on the homesteading program. is there another department that should be notified?

all i need is a job in buffalo!

Kal said...

I went to see !6 Harwood last week for my birthday. It is more beautiful and more heartbreaking in person. I hope that one of us can save it in time.

Anonymous said...