Span vs. Sidewalks on Ellicott

I've been following this pedestrian bridge development on Ellicott for the last two years and most recently last November - Bridge Construction Update. It finally links the new UB Bioinformatics building and Hauptman Woodward near Ulrich's.
Now that the bridge is done, I'm left wondering how long we'll have to wait for a sidewalk along this section of Ellicott.
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STEEL said...

I was going to write a BRO story on this a few years back but I thought that is was not possible that there was no sidewalk planned for here.

Anonymous said...

Roswell is currently (May 09) using the grassy strip as a staging area for construction materials that are being lifted to a new mechanical suite on top of one of their buildings. Probably best that any sidewalk construction be deferred until this is finished.

Buffalo Niagara Medical Campus has plans for a linear park to be constructed down Ellicott from Goodrich to High. This includes sidewalks down both sides of the street. The renderings make it look very attractive - hope it gets built.

The bridge itself is very nice. There is a fair amount of traffic between the Hauptman Woodward and Roswell on a daily basis, mostly to use core scientific facilities located in Roswell. I've noticed that when the weather is nice people will enjoy the walk outside, but in the winter I'm sure the bridge will prove its worth. My own opinion is that the bridge fits in well aesthetically with the two buildings. I don't see what all the fuss was about before.