Saturday's - Tour d'Neglect

Saturday we begin stage two of this year's Tour d'Neglect. Stops include various Catholic complexes including the German Roman Catholic Orphan Home down on Dodge Street.
Here's a video of the GRCO from Sean in Toronto. Sean is the creative impulse behind DK Photogroup. You'll remember their exhibit Orphaned that opened in Toronto last October. Buffalo's Artvoice covered the show - An Orphan of History.

Here's an archive of posts from this forgotten spot - GRCO Archive

Ellicott District Councilman, Brian Davis is the president of the Community Action Organization's board. They've owned this place for four years. It remains wide open...and falling apart. Nathan Hare is the Executive Director of the CAO.

Last time I checked, there was no housing court file for this property. Wonder why?
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1 comment:

STEEL said...

now is the time to start photographing the churches that are scheduled to be abandoned.

It will make for a great then and now photo show a few years down the road.