BAVPA Reconstruction - Week 58

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July 8, 2007 - Day 378
Walking around the site this afternoon, couldn't help noticing the first signs of vandalism. Two windows that were recently installed on the Woodlawn Avenue side were shattered to pieces in the last few days - here and here. Odd that both of these broken windows are directly across the street from Rev. Stenhouse's place at 121 Woodlawn (more new broken windows) and a City owned property at 117 Woodlawn. This is the same Rev. Stenhouse who doubles as Buffalo's own Control Board Treasurer!
BAVPA - July 2007
Imagine this recent vandalism is proof positive of the social scientist James Q. Wilson observation of Broken Windows...same starting point that Blueprint Buffalo uses as an interpretive framework, too.

Here's the most recent slide show - BAVPA July, 2007 - clearly showing some very recent developments. Landscape pavers, wheelchair access ramps and just the other day many of the contruction trailers were towed away. Broken windows, too. Thought I saw school supplies being delivered this week. I've included a few new elevations in the slide show that I hadn't seen before. Board of Ed. architect Paul McDonnell shared these with me last week.
See BAVPA Reconstruction Archive for additional details and updates.
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jennifer said...

what is the deal with 121 again? is he holding onto it? i would love to buy it!!

fix buffalo said...


scuttle is he's spread so way thin, he can't do anything. i'm sure he'd listen to an offer...

let me know if i can help with any pressure from the PR scene.

i'm planning to step things up here, at this end, the closer we get to the school's opening.

let me know...

Anonymous said...

I'll take that liability off his hands for a $1 ;)