City of Buffalo vs. Reverend Richard Stenhouse

Spent some time on City's Halls third floor on Friday. Learned that Rev. Richard Stenhouse and Bethel CDC are scheduled to appear in front of Housing Court Judge Henry Nowak at 930am next Wednesday July 25th.

You can track Housing Court cases, here. After a sign-in, simply enter "Stenhouse" and you will quickly see that all four properties on Michigan Avenue 1518, 1516, 1512 and 1504 which are located directly across the street from new home of Performing Arts HS are in court.

That's right the Treasurer of Buffalo's Control Board is a named defendant in Housing Court along with the Community Development Corporation he represents as Executive Director, Bethel CDC.

Also learned that the Rental Registration fees have not been paid for these four properties as required by a new local ordinance.

I'll be covering this story...click through the background - Boarding Control - and don't forget to check out the video from this past January, right here!

Here's what the four places looked like last week - Spot the Violations!
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Anonymous said...

I find it very funny that you never hear ONE WORD about this in the news or from the common council.

I feel the answer is simple. It is easy to blast the mostly white catholic church but to blast a black slumlord who calls himself a Reverend is somehow not politically correct.

Only in Buffalo.

fix buffalo said...

Anon 8:35...

No word either about the colossal lack of stewardship at the former German Roman Catholic Orphan Home on Dodge Street, either. The Community Action Organization under Nathan Harre's direction owns the decaying and neglected campus. Brian Davis - yes, the Ellicot District Council Person is the President of the Board.

No one from the local main stream media is going after that story. Wonder why?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Rev. Stenhouse will get the same kinder, gentler court treatment as Triangle Development: two years and counting of adjournments.

Anonymous said...

Its mighty funny how Rev Stenhouse doesn't honor his warrenties, involving the new homes on Michigan Ave., and Woodlawn Ave., we as homeowners are stressed out trying to get our homes fix. But all the complaining goes on deaf ears. We need help!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's funny we as new homeowners on Michigan and Woodlawn Ave., can't even get our warrinties honored