Rise of the Blogosphere

New book about what some of us do on-line, Rise of the Blogosphere [amazon] by Aaron Barlow. Great review from Firedoglake...

The Rise of the Blogosphere is a serious work of research, outlining the historical context for the emergence of blogs and citizen based journalism as part of the contemporary national conversation. Perhaps primarily targeted to students of journalism in formal training programs, it’s lessons nevertheless are relevant and interesting in their own right to anyone engaged in this blog world, either as a writer or as a reader and participant.

Rather than provide a more complete review or summary of such a meaty and engaging piece of work, I’d like to offer some snap summaries, impressions and questions for Aaron, especially with this particular community at Firedoglake in mind. But first, let me offer a quick sense of the sweep of... read the rest...

Check out Aaron's blog - One Flew East. He writes about his own book in this post, from May. Special thanks to Cynthia who writes that Barlow's book is now in the Central Library. Thanks Cynthia.

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