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Hearing from a number of artist friends that Saturday July 14th is the big day. They're moving in to Artspace.
Went by early this evening and for the first time the sidewalk was passable for pedestrians and saw that six locust trees were planted at some point during the day in front of Buffalo's newest destination for the arts.
The new units, behind this recently renovated building are scheduled to open next month...windows are going in and the concrete block areas will be finished with a stainless steel product...pix soon.

Regular Saturday at 11 Artspace Backyard Neighborhood tours leaving from the Sonic Café. Hope to arrange the occasional interior tour, too.


Just heard that a workplace fatality was narrowly avoided on Tuesday at Artspace. Seems like the crew working inside the elevator car forgot there was someone working in the pit. OSHA was called and spent Wednesday and Thursday on site. OSHA found at least one other safety concern as someone working the man lift - things with the 80' booms and wheels - exited the lift through a window rather than lowering himself to the ground.

This comes as at least one sub-contractor has repeatedly told me of the worsening safety concerns on site. Learned that subs are now more than two full months behind in getting paid by the general contrator, Savarino which may have prompted the departure of a site supervisor earlier in the year.

Remember, just after construction began - late last June, right here - the safety issues were all ready on the radar as the construction gates were routinely left open. Again here, this March as we had to deal with falling brick.
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Anonymous said...

An exciting project for Buffalo, but more importantly Midtown and Main Street. Looks great!

Anonymous said...

so exciting. i already have my apartment in the back building reserved, just waiting for the construction to finish up. (well that and packing up my stuff and getting rid of stuff). thanks for all the pictures, i live too far away to see all the great progress.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that's right! Who cares if safety is so lax that a worker is almost killed, as long as it _looks_ good?

Anonymous said...

um i think those comments were probably made before the update