A Desert of Blight...

Once upon a time...I thought the Joint School Reconstruction Project, the largest construction project in the City's history, was supposed to help eleviate the sort of devestation that we see around newly renovated schools here in Buffalo.
Grabbed this shot on my way to Beth Jacob Cemetery this afternoon. That's the recently renovated Harvey Austin Middle School in the background.
Here's another shot, one short block away. Remember Eyes Wide Open? - the blighted neighborhood surrounding the recently renovated East High School on Northampton Street.

Then there's Rev. Richard Stenhouse and Bethel CDC, the single largest owner of blighted property surrounding the new home of Performing Arts HS. Here's those posts/links...

Love this pic on the front lawn of the Harvey Austin School. Despite the lack of academic achievment in City schools, seems that this subtle message is taken to heart.

Oh...here's the Board of Education Summer 2007 Reading Program...
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Ted B said...

How about holding Bflo's slumlords responsible to clean up and improve their obviously poorly maintained (houses?).
Look at the wealth these people are accumalating att the cost of the college student? MANY houses are in deplorable condition because the landlord neglects the property but is first in line when the first of the onth comes along.
Fine thes people $100.00 per day until the property is acceptable. This increases jobs, increases living conditions and may get our city out of its debt!