10 Years Ago...

While waiting for my tour to start and settling into my first peanut stick and medium double/double Saturday morning at the Sonic Café, I read through the weekend WSJ piece on blogging - Happy Blogiversary - by one of my favorite feature writers at the journal, Tunku Varadarajan.
Notwithstanding the words of Tom Wolfe, who puts an elegant boot, below, into the corpus of bloggers, there are many more people today who would read blogs than disparage them.

The consumption of blogs is often avid and occasionally obsessive. But more commonly, it is utterly natural, as if turning to them were no stranger than (dare one say this here?) picking one's way through the morning's newspapers. The daily reading of virtually everyone under 40 -- and a fair few folk over that age -- now includes a blog or two, and this reflects as much the quality of today's bloggers as it does a techno-psychological revolution among readers of news and opinion.

We are approaching a decade since the first blogger read the rest...
If you're interested in pushing things further consider Blog World in Vegas, November 7-9, 2007. There's a recent report about the Israeli Blogging Conference, called Blogference held earlier this month in Herzliya, Israel. Amazing line-up, right here that included Pittsburgh based freelance video producer, Justin Kownacki. His Something to be Desired, is way worth checking out.

Still love Alex Halavis, former Dean of the Buffalo Blogosphere, when he discusses the claim...
...the average blogger was a 14-year old girl blogging about her cats...
Post and links to that discussion about a Pew Internet report - right here, from last July.
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