Saturday...Behind Artspace...

Regular Saturday Artspace Backyard Neighborhood tours are still happening...
Every Saturday - Meetup at 11am inside the Sonic Café and explore the architecture and urban scene behind Buffalo's newest location for the arts.

Here's a few views from previous weeks - Saturday's behind Artspace and last weekend had the opportunity to learn more about the neighborhood from George Thomas who was in town for Buffalo Old Home Week. Pic of George and his friend Theressa very close to where he was raised on Ellicott Street, right here.
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George Thomas Apfel said...


Thanks so much for the tour of my old neighborhood, last time I walked those streets was 50 years ago! I truly admire your efforts, when I relocate back home you can count on me to help!

I posted the pictures I took here:


fix buffalo said...


Thanks for your kind words...

Looking forward to seeing more of you around these parts.

Anonymous said...

Don't wear black socks with shorts!