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Saturday's Artspace Backyard Neighborhood tour found us checking out a City owned house here at 115 Northampton Street.
First wrote about this spot, just two blocks from Artspace, last September - right here. Aside from Coe Place, these two blocks of Northampton have some of the most interesting architecture and solid street scapes in the Midtown area. 94 Northampton is amazing and this house at 91 is beginning to get lots of love, too...

Tours every Saturday beginning at 11am and leaving from the Sonic Café across from Artspace.
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Anonymous said...

Looked inside that property about a month ago... its on the city's homesteading list (costs $1).

It's in pretty good condition, but the foundation is a big unknown... shows alot of plaster bandaid work, and is bowed out a bit in one corner. Other than that, there's alot of warping of the first floor from water damage. Oh, and there's a bit of asbestos in the basement.

Despite the negatives, i thought about this one for a good long while. It's certainly a big project, but if you come across some extra elbow grease, its a great location. Good luck to any who try, it'd be nice to see this one fixed up.