194 East Utica - Update

Earlier this week I spent a very cold afternoon checking out 194 East Utica with Rod McCallum. Michael Gainer from Buffalo Reuse joined us as we took a closer look at the property. Here's the interior slide show.
Central to Rod's vision for this location is establishing an urban eden, an agricultural spot here in the middle of the City. There are a number of existing models that Rod is patterning his plan on, including a project in Redhook, NY.
Why urban farming? Urban agriculture makes fresh, locally grown food more widely available and reduces the need for shipping and preservatives. Urban farms build local economies, save energy resources, and facilitate community education about food, health, and sustainability. Low-income urban residents tend to have fewer shopping choices for healthy foods, and often pay more. Urban farms provide a range of products and help ensure long-term food security for the community. Supporting urban agriculture improves city environments, reconnects urban populations with active resource management, and promotes biodiversity within cityscapes.

This listing of possible models is nowhere exhaustive, it's a starting point for resource gathering and firmly establishing this vision.

Here's the map to help orient you to the site.

Here's the background, if you are visiting for the first time - 194 East Utica on Life Support.
Another example from Philadelphia...soon. Exciting!
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Anonymous said...

have you had any more news concerning the future of this house on east utica and the other house on dodge?

fixBuffalo said...


Thanks for keeping tabs on these developments.

Looking forward to reporting some very positive news on both fronts rather soon...stay tuned.

Anonymous said...

both are such wonderful buildings, and both have such potential. i have restored and sold buildings that at the time of my purchase were in far worse shape than these two. from the photos that you have posted, it would appear that both houses are very well built.

Luke said...

Nice Pictures! Who put the syrup there?

Anonymous said...

will this property be part of an "in rem" sale by the city?
the exterior of that house has some yummy detail.