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After showing my "urbex" partner around the City's near East Side, we met Father Joe the other day. He was walking back to the rectory and agreed to show us around.

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Rather strange. I've been very critical of the Diocese, their McChurch Campaign and the whole Journey to Avoid Housing Court trip that they're on. I used to belong to Westminster and went to UU here in Buffalo a few times. I've explored a long list of church buildings and monasteries here and in Europe, yet here I felt as though I could be anywhere - emergency room, school or a fire hall. Didn't do it for me. Despite Fr. Joe's tenacious spirit the experience here was empty. Didn't feel like church. Last time was here, almost a year ago at St. Anthony's.
Then again, Bishop Kmiec always says...The Church is not about buildings. Wonder if it means anything that I've felt more comfortable here and here recently. Probably not.

In case you've missed the construction pics - November, December, March, May and July.
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I have something on BRO planned for this soon

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