Merriweather's Doors

Frequent readers of fixBuffalo have been following a range of issues associated with the construction and design of the Buffalo's newest library, the Merriweather. This recent post - Merriweather Library, August '06 - contains all the links to those issues and a few extended conversations at BR.

Today I noticed that the new doors were recently installed. There's another set at the other entrance. Close-up here and here.
Maybe someone more familiar with African design issues could interpret the symbols found on these doors. And if you haven't been inside yet, you'll love it. Come on over.

Checking the Merriweather Library on-line, you'll notice:
The Merriweather Library houses the Center for Afro-American History and Research collection, the largest resource center in Western New York for information on African American history...The collection is international in scope including countries in Africa and others not normally associated with black culture such as Italy, Russia and Japan. Easy to use and suitable both for ready reference queries or in-depth research, the Schomburg Clipping File is a valuable and unusual research tool for the study of the African American experience.
The library is located at 1324 Jefferson Avenue [google map] and is closed on Thursdays and Sundays. No bike rack, yet!
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