Rotary Lunch this week

John McClive from Rotary Buffalo recently asked Rod McCallum and myself to speak at the regularly scheduled Thursday lunch meeting this week.

We'll be showing the Queen City Farm film by John Paget and have invited a number of people appearing in the film including Cynthia van Ness, Tim Tielman, Samina Raja and Aaron Bartley.

The Queen City Farm initiative is a bold statement and challenges us to re-think issues involving city land-use planning on a number of levels. In the larger context of the hollowing-out of rustbelt cities ringing Lake Erie in particular, I think that this project is 'bout as good as it gets. The alternative of course is more of what Elena Buscarino has begun to document over here in her Death and Destruction Tour.

Seeing that slide show and listening to Elena's interview with Michael Clarke and Anthony Armstrong from LISC Buffalo is one thing, checking out the neighbor first hand is way different.
If you're interested in meeting Rod McCallum and joining us at Thursday's Rotary lunch, let me know. Meanwhile get ready for Saturday's Tour d'Neglect. We'll be passing by the Queen City Farm site and seeing many of the houses that Elena presents in her slideshow.
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