Canoe and the City

New fixBuffalo fan and I paddled part of the Buffalo River Sunday afternoon. Second time here this summer for me - see, Down by the River for views from late May this year and links to previous water exploration.

As we approached the Erie Canal terminus and the Commercial Slip we noticed a string of silly looking lighthouses that were installed on the new floating dock here at the Central Wharf.
We tied off the canoe and explored the site. We wagered what sort of progress will be made by next summer. Gotta leave it to others to figure out if the wee little lighthouses are historically correct or should be grouped somewhere with other forms of nautical kitsch.
Best Buffalo grain elevator map - right here.
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Anonymous said...

On the lights, I doubt that historical accuracy or nautical kitsch is the driving force here, as much as it's an issue of nighttime navigational safety. Those floating docks would be pretty hard to see otherwise. As for their design, they look like pretty standard, if graceless, pieces dock equipment to me.

STEEL said...

The WWII era war ships really pull together the 19th century canal era theme they are pushing. The garden shed building works well too

Anonymous said...

Those little white lighthouses on the docks are boat hook ups for electric and also act as a place to tie a line to. If I am not mistaken those are the exact same ones that North Tonawanda installed when they redid that quaint little historic section of Sweeney St. between Main and Webster streets. Things like that are pretty needed now a days if you expect boats to dock there.