Dust to Dust...

First mentioned this city owned house and former church at 83 East Utica back in February - City Church Closed.
Snapped this pic the other day. The red mark of death - spray painted address - generally means the property will be demolished at some point down the road. First time I've seen the structural condition of the building's interior sprayed on the outside.

Anybody know what's going on here?
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mary said...

The Buffalo Fire Department is inspecting condition of vacant properties and noting condition on buildings.

Michele J said...

Im glad to see this type of "warning" I first saw this on a building on the corner of Bailey & East Ferry stating "collapsed floors"

Anonymous said...

I have run into them inspecting vacant industrial buildings too. They are friendly ;)

They are being proactive on a lot of vacant parcels.

They should just give the FD a big rig with a massive push bar to just knock some of these down while they are there.