Suburbs in the City

Was a top City Hall the other day doing tours and noticed Sickamore Village off in the distance, that brown spot slightly left of center.
Wrote about Sickamore Village and the more I learn about the place, the less I think we have learned from our mistakes in the recent past.

Longer post later this weekend, when I scoop in for some close-ups of the work site.
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Bruce Beyer said...

Questions: How much did the City/State pay for the reclaimation of this land? What was it contaminated with? I understand soil was removed to a depth of 4 ft? How did all the mining and drilling affect contaminated soil below that depth? Were contaminants made airborne by the explosions? Were people living directly across the street exposed to further contamination? I saw no safety measures taken to protect neighborhood residents? Should they have been protected? What's to say that this won't turn into another Hickory Woods/Love Canal?

The soil on this property was removed, capped, replaced, and grass was planted. I'm sure the cost was well over a million dollars!? What is so special about this brownfield that $200K+
houses need to be built on it? High end vinyl victorians to boot?

Anonymous said...

Agreed! Leave the contamination and bring on the weeds! Would have been a perfect place to start landbanking.