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Towards the end of Saturday's Artspace Backyard Neighborhood tour we had an opportunity to venture inside. We ended up on top...
Been exploring the dynamic of being "tourist in my city" with various people and places this summer and continuously amazed with what is revealed in the Queen City. The approach is different from the dates, times and places of history. Developing a relationship with the built environment and taking steps to see what's always been standing is a total trip. So much exists in the shadows and emerges, only if you are looking. Try Lafayette square at dusk on a warm summer night as the sun is setting behind city hall.
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Some additional views of the immediate Artspace neighborhood include the Ward House on the left and Delware Avenue's Campanile on the right. Still love MJ's series especially this one with mayhem, Burnham and Yamasaki.
Tours leaving the Sonic Café every Saturday at 11am and 39 cent Häagen-Daz cones 'till friday...
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