Houses of Worship

The Landmark Society of the Niagara Frontier has recently digitized the pages of James Napora's  Houses of Worship. This is the most complete examination of extant church structures in Buffalo, NY and is part of Jim's unpublished 1995 Master of Architecture thesis.
St. Stanislaus - from St. Ann's
Napora writes, "The purpose of this work is to analyze the religious structure and its place in the architectural history and the development of the City of Buffalo. The place of worship has long been viewed as a critical landmark in its respective neighborhood, serving an importance which far outreaches its religious ties. This work examines the religious structure in the context of the distinct districts through which the city has grown and expanded."
Transfiguration - from St. Ann's
Houses of Worship is definitive and represents countless hours of research. Check it out and understand Buffalo's massive cultural heritage. Napora's work provides the basis for establishing an index and inventory of Buffalo's threatened religious structures.  
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