Fall from Grace - in Artvoice

If you haven't checked out Peter Koch's Artvoice cover story about Transfiguration Church and you're interested in how we manage to collect amazing heritage and significant architectural sites and literally flush them away, read - Fall From Grace.

Since the story first emereged a week ago I've attended a number of receptions and gatherings at various churches on Buffalo's East side. Folks, including a few priests, have approached me and shared stories about how less than transparent Buffalo Disocesen leaders have been in dealing with the various issues swirling around church closings or as Orwell might suggest - Journey Through Faith and Grace.

Peter's story relies in part on the amazing work of Toronto based photographer Sean Galbraith. Sean's slide show is a must see if you're interested in the intersection of urban erosion and the marginilization of Buffalo's central european heritage. Over breakfast last Fall, Sean introuduced me to the work of Chilean born photographer/sociologist Camilo José Vergara (1944 -) that I last wrote about, right here in April 2007. One of my favorite Vergara sequences is located in Camden, NJ.
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