Running Buffalo

First wrote about RUN Buffalo over a year ago - here. Have emailed them and asked around and really never formed a sense of what the organization is doing. Until Saturday...
I noticed the following sign during Saturday's Tour d'Neglect and went back on Sunday to look around. This property, just north of Paderewski on Detroit Street in the heart of former Polonia, was recently demolished. From the RUN Buffalo website we learn that...
Simply put, RUN Buffalo will help clean up and beautify city streets through demolition of worse case uninhabitable residential properties that are beyond repair, vacant properties that pose a threat to the safety and stability of many at-risk neighborhoods, property with no economic or historic value to the city or the community.

Following demolition, an army of` volunteers will create and maintain a natural landscape on the property until the community determines an alternate use will better the serve both the city and the neighborhood.


And a pic of the before and after on Detroit St.
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artistkathleen said...

Wouldn't it be nicer if people could come together to fix up old houses to give people homes? Or, how about this? Why not work to find a way to help them keep their homes in the first place? The costs of the demolition were probably more than both of the above suggestions!