Tour Report

Twevle intrepid cyclists completed the first stage of this summer's Tour d' Neglect on Sunday afternoon. We meandered throught the City's East side - St. Vincent's, German Roman Catholic Orphan Home, Transfiguration Church and Cathederal of the Sacred Heart on Emslie near Clinton. We returned - peddling over the scar, here and through the Fruit Belt.
We also had the unexpected opportunity to be joined by Sal and Tim. They provided pick-up truck back up just in case someone had bicycle repair problems. They also invited us to tour the rectory at St. Frances de Sales on Northland near Humboldt Parkway.
Bruce Beyer joined us on Emslie Street and provided a unique tour of his own business and loft, here. We also had an opportunity to learn about the business that once employed 800 people - Simon Pure Brewery, right across the street from Bruce's home.

Come one and join in...see the ever expanding urban prairie and places that most people thought really didn't exist, any more.
Next stage - Saturday July 28 • Saturday August 18 • Sunday September 9
Tour d' Neglect
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Keith said...

You should run for Mayor.

fix buffalo said...


Have you followed the example of Jay Williams - Youngstown Ohio's first black mayor? Try - Visiting Youngstown...

Sal said...

Great tour - hopefully St. Francis de Sales rectory will be off the endangered list soon.

Sharon Centanne said...

I hope you photo-documented all you saw. Will you be posting pictures of your tour online soon?

Sharon Centanne
Sixth generation Old East Side