Artspace - 2 week countdown!

This morning we had an opportunity to chat with a representative from Savarino behind the new Artspace spot on Main Street. He told us that the next two weeks were going to really tight with all sorts of finishes happening to the inside and the building's exterior.
Leases are being signed and people are scheduled to move in on July 1st! City inspections are scheduled for June 25, less than a year after the groundbreaking. As you can see - click through the pix, below - new sidewalks are going in, windows are done behind the building and a few are yet to be installed in front. The new units behind the building are scheduled for occupancy on August 1st.
IMG_8393 IMG_8386 IMG_8384 IMG_8370 IMG_8372
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A year ago the place looked like this - click!
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UrbanBody said...

Appreciated the tour of the Artspace and immediate area. What struck me most was 'seeing' the devastation of some, not all, buildings in the adjacent neighborhood. But on par with that reality were the voices of residents---'it's been that way for xx years'--while they continue to maintain nicely/reasonably kept properties. I salute the residents that still believe... and hold out hope...and fight the fight.