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Front page of today's Buffalo News...the newest schools in the joint school reconstruction program are profiled.

The second phase of Buffalo’s school reconstruction project is nearing completion, and it includes two spectacular elements to fuel the revival of city schools.

At the new Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts, work crews have raised the roof of the auditorium to provide fly space over the stage and elevated and angled the floor for better sight lines. read the rest...

BAVPA - 6.22.07

Buffalo News photo

The public investment in arts and education here in this little corner of the City's near East side is substantial - Merriweather Library 5m, Performing Arts High School 35m and Artspace 18 m...join me on Saturday mornings for a neighborhood tour!

See BAVPA Reconstruction Archive for additional details and updates.
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UrbanBody said...

Hey David,
Is it possible that your dream--to restore the Woodlawn Ave. rowhouses--came closer to life today??!! G.Pitts formed his own development company and 'intends' to spend his energies/money on the East Side. Check out story on BizJournal:

fix buffalo said...

post going up in a few minutes...been working on it all day...thank!

jennifer said...

We took a tour of BAVPA last Friday ~ holy cow is it awesome!!!