Tale of Two Cities - Part VII

Frequent fixBuffalo readers may remember a series I started two years ago. Tale of Two Cities (Part VI, with links to previous parts) - documents the developments of two properties. One property - 198 Glenwood Avenue is on the City's near East side and 60 Brantford is just off Elmwood in the most prosperous part of the City. Both properties had devestating fires. 198 Glenwood burned five years ago. 60 Brantford burned on Friday May 13th, two years ago.
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The property on the left is still wide open and remains a burned out shell. It's owned by the City. 60 Brantford, on the right was promptly attended to by Councilman Joe Golembek - I followed this property through Housing Court and watched first hand how Joe advocated for his district - and demolished after the new owner Paul Johnson bought it. Same successful condo complex where Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller now lives.

Meanwhile just a block away from this City owned house at 198 Glenwood, Performing Arts HS is scheduled to open in September.
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